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General Liability

Maron Marvel Bradley Anderson & Tardy's general liability practice group attorneys are seasoned litigators.  We develop effective, efficient solutions to a broad range of legal and business issues, including personal injury claims, property damage claims, premises liability claims and economic loss claims.

Our diverse, nationally recognized attorneys have extensive experience defending individuals and companies of all sizes throughout the country. Our clients include insurance companies, private self-insured corporations and governmental entities in some of the most challenging jurisdictions for litigation. Our General Liability clients include product manufacturers, construction companies, environmental consultants, motor carriers, oil companies, retailers, security companies, and property owners.

We pride ourselves on our aggressive and cost-efficient defense of claims. Through early case assessment and an appropriately refined defense strategy, Maron Marvel pursues resolution with our client's litigation history and future interests in mind.  We prepare the best defense strategy to resolve troublesome matters, through early case assessment, vigorous dispositive motion practice, innovative allocation and indemnity theories, creative settlements and trials.

Our general liability practice group attorneys have successfully handled litigation in these areas of law:

Assault and Battery

Our team handles cases filed against a corporate defendant seeking compensation for injuries or other damages stemming from an incident in which an individual claims he/she was the victim of an assault and battery.

Automobile/Truck Accidents

We have extensive experience representing self-insured companies and insureds in automobile, 18-wheeler truck and street sweeping personal injury accidents, working with well-known experts in the area of accident reconstruction to defend the cases.

Construction and Industrial Injuries

We have defended numerous construction and industrial-related injury claims, including crane accidents, falls from height, falling objects, slip/trip and falls, etc., brought against general contractors, subcontractors, property owners and other entities occurring at manufacturing plants, industrial facilities, refineries, and other construction site areas. Our expertise for these lawsuits includes analyzing the complex issue of indemnification, whether by contract or common law.

Carnival Ride/Game Injuries

We have handled numerous personal injury matters alleging injury occurring as a result of a carnival ride or game.

Dram Shop

Our team has experience defending alcoholic beverage liability cases in multiple states, primarily for clients with national retail establishments. We have a proven record of obtaining favorable results including in cases involving catastrophic personal injuries and death.


We have defended numerous electrocution/electrical arc flash matters brought against property owners.

Falling Merchandise/Object

Our team has defended corporations in numerous matters involving falling objects at retail sites, on vessels, platforms, and at refineries and facilities, some of which result in significant personal injuries. 


MaronMarvel attorneys have successfully defended companies with catastrophic and high-profile cases nationally, including alleged propane and gas explosions and fires.


We have experience in cases involving injuries and claims arising from boating accidents and maritime-related matters including the Death On the High Seas Act.


Maron Marvel attorneys have defended state municipal entities in claims arising from injury occurring on state property and involving state actors. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in the applicable immunities and defenses afforded to these clients.

Negligence Claims Involving Minors

We defend companies facing complex litigation involving the resolution of claims brought by minors who are unable to resolve claims on his/her own or otherwise release claims for liability.

Negligent Security

We frequently defend cases involving alleged failure to provide reasonable security measures, allegations an agent of the facility failed to act to prevent an attack, injuries allegedly caused by an employee, and catastrophic personal injuries.

Nursing Home Care

We defend nursing homes in litigation involving the adequacy of care to residents and patients.

Short-Term Chemical Exposure

We have defended matters brought against owners of refineries and facilities for short-term exposure to chemical releases and spills.

Slip/Trip & Fall Injuries

Our team defends corporations in slip/trip and fall matters involving injuries ranging from a minor contusion to a severe loss of ability to function, such as quadriplegia.  

Statutory/Regulatory Violations

We have extensive experience defending cases involving alleged OSHA and regulatory agency violations.

Stormwater Runoff

We have experience defending property owners in matters involving alleged excessive stormwater and sediment discharge and/or the alteration of the surface flow.

Timber Harvesting

We have defended companies and individuals