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Product Liability and Mass Tort Litigation

Maron Marvel attorneys in the Product and Mass Tort Litigation Group are experienced in the defense of mass tort lawsuits arising from environmental and occupational exposure to chemicals and other substances. Our attorneys have experience as national, regional, and local mass tort litigation counsel. These lawsuits have involved diverse circumstances of exposure and a variety of medical conditions, including lung diseases, cancers of various types, neurological dysfunctions and medical monitoring.

Maron Marvel attorneys have been instrumental in the successful defense of product liability litigation over the past two decades. The firm serves as primary counsel in a vast array of product liability and mass tort matters, including multidistrict litigations, class actions, defect/recall investigations, appeals and environmental issues.

Attorneys in this group possess extensive experience defending companies and carriers facing personal injury toxic tort claims arising from allegations of asbestos, silica, and mixed dust exposures. These attorneys are also involved in the defense of product liability, commercial and other litigation for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers both locally and regionally.

Our product liability litigation experience includes:

  • Asbestos, Silica, Mixed Dust Claims
  • Chemical Exposures
  • Construction Defect and Toxic Mold Litigation
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Litigation
  • Products Liability