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National Practice in
Mass Tort Claims

Asbestos, Silica, Mixed
Dusts Claims

Chemicals Exposure Claims

Environmental Property
Damage Litigation

Products Liability Litigation

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Litigation

Complex Commercial Litigation

Bankruptcy and Litigation

Our litigation philosophy can be simply stated: all problems have solutions; all cases can be assigned a value; all risks can be managed; all cases are thoroughly prepared. Sometimes, litigants become unreasonable, vindictive or greedy. Our role is to conduct all cases in a way that minimizes the client’s defense and indemnity costs and preserves the client’s public image.


As an element of early case assessment, theories of the case are developed at the earliest opportunity. The goal is to have the opponent agree to the value of their case as soon as possible, if the client believes the claim has value. Every litigated step, whether to answer discovery or take a deposition, must assist the execution of the master trial themes developed in the strategic plan. This formula ensures the client benefits from early case risk assessment and a focused, tightly managed litigation process.