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Maron Marvel Bradley Anderson & Tardy LLC utilizes technology and proven business practices to manage client risk in an effective and cost efficient manner. Our business process model breaks the litigation down to discrete tasks and ensures a consisten
t, balanced and streamlined approach to complex litigation – minimizing surprises and maximizing successes. Our unique technology allows us to carefully manage each litigation, from a single matter to thousands of cases across jurisdictions, in a national, virtual law firm environment.  You prefer your lawyer in Houston? Then so do we. We recognize that no law firm – not ours or any other – has a lock on talent.

Our approach to complex litigation is simple:

  • All risks can be managed.
  • All problems have solutions.

As an element of early case assessment, our attorneys develop strategic, comprehensive litigation plans based on proven best practices. Every step in the litigation process, from discovery to settlement or trial, is closely scrutinized for maximum benefit to the client. This methodical approach ensures a focused, tightly managed litigation process.